Looking for Excellence


This is Hesti, in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Before that, I had lived in Singapore and Los Angeles.

After graduation, with a degree in accounting, I worked at a public accounting firm, and thereafter at a management consulting firm.

I decided to cross over to banking.  I worked at an American, Indonesian, and European bank.  I intentionally chose to start at the back office, then moved to the front office, and in between, I was in charge of product development.

In the past couple of years, I have been jotting down my experiences in management, service quality, and a couple of other roles.  I decided to compile short essays, as a collection of my thoughts.

Everything we do involves management.

It is like planting a tree, with proper and careful nurturing, it will grow into a sturdy tree.
Its deep roots will withstand the storm, its lush foliage will create a shade to protect, and its fruits will reward the planter for his/her hard work.