Excuse Me, Could You Please Leave Me Alone?

Excuse Me, Could You Please Leave Me Alone?

The best service is the one that is discreetly attentive and delivered unexpectedly without being asked.

I cannot say this about the over-zealous security guards at some banks; because some how serving the customers has become part of their duty.

When I stepped into the bank, they asked how may they help me?  Nothing, really.
But I would politely reply that I would like to meet with a customer service officer or I am going to the teller counter.

They would then ask what is my banking need?  I said it is private and confidential – in fact, it is none of their business.  Besides, I can read the bank’s directory perfectly.

Sometimes the security guard also serves as a service sequence panel mouthpiece by yelling across the banking hall, “next at counter 3”.

51091012 - directly above shot of businessmen shaking hands while standing on tiled floor in office

On one hand, I can understand the management good intention of striving for a warm welcome to their customers.  On the other hand, I cannot understand their good intention by delegating the security guards with these service functions.

The bank should hire a walk-around “ambassador” receptionist to attend to its customers’ or potential customers’ banking needs by directing them to the relevant banking units.

I noticed that some banks have actually deployed the welcoming non-security-staff.  However, some still greet the arriving and departing customers over zealously, and the security guards follow their lead.

A smile with a simple greeting of “Good morning” and a tag saying “Please Ask Me” would have done the job.

Ask Me

Having worked in the banking industry for quite a while, I consider myself quite tolerant.
I always smile back when these bank personnel, including the security guard, greet me at the entrance.  It is not their fault, they are just doing their job as mandated by the management.
In fact, I am friendly with the bank staff at the branches which I usually do my banking transactions.

Nevertheless, providing banking services should be one of the most discreet businesses.
I have been to the Priority Banking unit.  One time, the security guard “escorted” me all the way to the customer service desk and stood next to me.  As the officer kept her silence, I had to awkwardly say “thank you” to the security guard as a signal that you have done your “part”.  Now, please leave me alone.

The bank should let the security guards do their job what they were employed to do – as a security guard, to protect the customers, the bankers and the bank's assets during their watch.