Excuse Me, Could You Please Solve My Problem?

Excuse Me, Could You Please Solve My Problem?

When I made the move from the back office to a client servicing role in my first job at a bank, I sought advice from my manager, “Which is more important: the product or the service?”

“The service, of course.” he replied.

Sometimes the financial institutions are caught up with promoting products more than their services.  Many of these products are homogeneous and are now fancily re-phrased as “solutions”, and “extra-mile service” means providing additional non-scope services outside of their core business.

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Service quality is not limited to the service industry.  When I am buying a hardware, I expect knowledgeable assistance and always ask about the after-sales service.

No business intends to sell inferior products, but a customer could sometimes end up with a faulty hardware; a diner could still be served with the wrong food item ordered; a bank customer could still endure an investment portfolio with less than expected performance.

But with excellent services, especially after the sales, makes a whole world of difference.

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When problems arise and the customers lodged a complaint, they are obviously upset, and with you at the receiving end of their tirade.  Unless you are able to see through that their intention is less than truthful, there is no need to be defensive.

The customers could have been responsible for the damage, nonetheless, understand the issue and get down to handling the “problem” as best as possible within the company’s valid policy.

This could be a simple case of a faulty equipment sold at a hardware store – repair or replace the item based on the store’s policies, and then deal with the relevant salesperson and the equipment supplier.

This could be a simple case of a wrong order taken at a restaurant – cook and serve the correct food item ordered by the diner, and then deal with the relevant waiter; the chef; the software programmer as more restaurants rely on electronic ordering system.

This could be more than a simple case for those products which do not have a physical present, such as a financial “solution” in investment, many are based on historical data and research with a view of upcoming events.

A bank account officer, who does not keep abreast of the financial market situation and is incapable of meeting the customer without being accompanied by an investment team member, would be rudely awakened when the growth of the investment is suddenly interrupted even though the situation is not within his / her control.

This account officer would then realize it is the quality of his / her services that could resolve the negative situation at hand.

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On the other hand, is the customer always the king?


And that is a subject for another day.