What Makes A Leader?

What Makes A Leader?

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A leader is capable of making a decision.

Decision making carries a risk, and not everyone is willing to take that risk and its consequences.
Therefore, not everyone can be a leader.

The decision is made for the greater good beyond oneself.
It moves a family.
It moves a company.
It moves a community.
It moves a country.

The decision made may not please everyone.
But a leader can make everyone falls in line, by earning their respect.
Respect is something a leader should earn, it is not given.

A leader is willing to listen.
A leader is willing to lend a hand.
A leader is willing to share the success.
A leader is willing to take the blame, for the decisions made.

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A leader sees the opportunity.
A leader sees the risk.
A leader knows when to move forward.
A leader knows when to concede, when the decision made is no longer feasible.

A leader believes in the continuity of leadership.
A leader will not hold back a suitable successor.
Instead, a leader has a succession plan in place.
To ensure the continuity of a family, a company, a community, a country.