You Can Do It!

You Can Do It!

Of course, you can do it.
It has nothing to do with stomping your feet, jumping up and down, shouting out loud that “I can do it!”

Yes, I had attended those type of seminars, at company’s internal event and while looking for a program content to fill a business event.
No, I have no objection to positive thinking.

But just by telling yourself that you can be anything you want to be, your ambitions may or may not come true.

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First of all, you must like what you are doing, and do it with passion.
And to like what you are doing takes an effort.

You need to have a good understanding and the right skill sets on what you have to do at work.  Everyone needs encouragement, but no amount of pushing “I can do it” would make you achieve those goals if you do not have the proper knowledge to execute the tasks.

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You need to have good interpersonal skills.

Your co-workers are already there when you join the company.   And it takes only one troublemaker to create disharmony at the work place – especially pitting co-workers against each other.

Although you are not there to please your co-workers, you need the support of your co-workers to achieve the company’s goals and yours.

You are there to interact and work together with them; this includes your boss.

Like-minded co-workers understand that in turn they need your support for them to achieve their goals and for the overall success of the company.

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You need to have passion in what you are doing.

For every project or a campaign a company rolls out to do, not only the workers must have the relevant knowledge, they must also have the passion in doing it, no matter how insignificant the job function of the individual worker may seem to be.

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When the company I was working at moved into a new office building, there were only three tenants.  Nevertheless, a young maintenance staff worked tirelessly to keep the building common area spotless and tidy.  While riding along inside the elevator, he would wipe the elevator button panel immediately after the passengers pressed the buttons.

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By the time I left two years later, the building was fully occupied and I saw this diligent staff supervising other maintanence workers.  I am sure his passion to strive for excellence must have propelled him to a supervisory position.
When the workers’ passion in their jobs synchronizes with the objectives of the company, it is no wonder, in my opinion, that this property developer owns and manages well-maintained buildings across the city.

Now, when you see the results of what you want to accomplished, you know you can do it (with”out” stomping your feet).