Lock In That Business and Keep It

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Lock In That Business and Keep It

Acquiring a new client is hard enough....

Servicing and maintaining one is even harder!

Businesses use the phrase “service quality” easily and lightly; and at times, frivolously.

Banks, a major financial products and services provider, are caught up with the products - many of them are homogeneous - more than the services.  The financial products are now re-phrased as SOLUTIONS, and “extra-mile service” means providing additional non-scope services outside of their core business.

What is service quality?
Others say – delivery of service which meets the customer’s expectation.
I say, “Take it to the next level.” – delivery of service which goes beyond the customer’s expectation.


On the other hand, is the customer always the king?

Discreetly attentive,
Delivered unexpectedly.