A Delightful Family Celebration

A Delightful Family Celebration

It was an event of family celebration.

The decoration was a simple family room theme.
All the furnitures and fixtures, including the grand piano, were from the hotel’s inventory.

There were sofas for guests who arrive early; dining tables and chairs provided for the elderly guests; coffee tables - decorated with flowers and candles - and chairs for the younger guests.  Many guests stayed up till the very end, some guests even stayed passed the party hours!

The only good-for-one-time decoration was the fresh flowers. At the end of the party, guests were happy to take home the fresh bouquets.

The family photos were framed and prominently displayed, instead of being presented in a slide-show projected on a screen – fast moving photos projected on screen would be meaningless and the set up would ruin the family room decoration.
These photos became the focus of pre-dinner conversation among the guests.

Despite all the thoughtfully planned decoration, the main focus was the food and beverage – fine dining for a fine dinner party. Carefully selected items for the buffet spread, live-action food stations, and an open bar - with more than enough food and drink for the guests to enjoy.

Mission accomplished – happy guests went home with happy tummies.